Essay One

DUE: June 19, 2019 (11:59pm, EST)
100 Points (10% Total Course Grade)


  • All essays are to be typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and with citations and other formatting also done in MLA documentation style. (Note: you may use another documentation style, such as APA, but you must notify me at the start of the semester what you plan to us.)
  • You must write and submit your essays via KSU Google Docs.
  • Be sure to put your last name and the assignment in the document label (upper left corner), for example: Smith’s Essay One, or Jones’ Essay Two.
  • You are also encouraged to save a copy of the paper (download it) to your personal computer.

First Draft of Self-Reflective Essay One DIRECTIONS:

  • Please review:
  • Write an essay in which you describe your writing process, including your writing strengths and weaknesses.  This essay should be 500-1500 words (2-4 pages) long.  Respond to the below completely:
    1. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to write, though there are some approaches that are better than others. Describe the activities you perform to achieve completion of a writing assignment.  You might even write these activities in terms of “steps” that you take toward completing a writing assignment.
    2. Describe the types of errors you must be careful to avoid or be prepared to fix (such as when you are proofreading your paper).
    3. When you write, do you write in spurts (write a little, stop, do something else, write a little more,…), or do you write all at once (you write and write until you’re done, even if it is for hours and hours).
    4. How are you most comfortable learning?  Do you learn better by listening and talking or by seeing and writing/gesturing/signing, or both? Or are you more of a tactile learner?  There is no such thing as a learning style; however, you might think that you are more comfortable learning one way over another, and that affects how you think about your writing process.
    5. Describe your thinking style, in terms of any or all of the below descriptions:
    6. Describe the aspects of writing about which you feel confident (e.g., spelling, organization, depth of thought, grammar,. . .).
    7. Finally, take the Jung Typology Test (f.k.a. Kiersey Temperament Test), found at the bottom of Lesson W3. Analyze the results in terms of your writing.

NOTE: You may use “I” in this assignment.  (In fact, I do not see how you could not!)