About Me

Carol L. Robinson has presented and published works on Deaf culture literature and Dr. Carol Robinsondrama, narrative film and film theory, video game history and narrative studies, adaptation theory, medievalism(s),Geoffrey Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, medieval Arthurian literature, and medieval drama.  Her documentary film, Listening to You, Listening to Me, Listening to Everyone (Deafness, Community Theatre, Communication, Medieval Studies, Medievalism, Audism, Sexism, and Conflict Resolution)  is set to premiere as soon as she finishes it (http://houndingproductions.org/everyone/).  Last year, she directed the play ANOTHER Christmas Carol (a Deaf/hearing, ASL/English production, ensemble derived) for Kent Trumbull Theatre.Currently, in addition to teaching and working on her film,  she is working on a book about Willy Conley (an American Deaf playwright, actor, poet, fiction writer and photographer).

Lost in Space RobotBorn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she grew up in several places in the Great Lakes region, moving from Wisconsin to Illinois, from Illinois to Ohio, from Ohio back to Illinois, and from Illinois back to Wisconsin.  She earned her B.A. in English Composition, with certification to teach K-8th grade, from Beloit College in 1984.  She earned her M.A. (medieval studies and film studies), passing her exams “with Distinction” from the University of Georgia in 1988.  She earned her Ph.D. in English (medieval studies & literary and cinematic theory) from the University of Georgia in 1994.

WORK: teaching courses, some fully online and others fully on-land (currently: film and literature,  Deaf culture literature and film, writing for digital space shipmedia, editing and publishing, Women’s Studies, LGBTQ+; in the past: film history and aesthetics, mass communication theory, animation history, adaptation theory).  Retired professional storyteller.

SKILLS: Photography, cinematography, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photo Shop, HTML-5, CSS-3, JavaScript, Dream Weaver, Moodle, WordPress, Distance Education.  Editing (English).  American Sign Language.

HOBBIES: gardening, landscaping, collecting marbles, collecting bottles, finger weaving, sculpting, photography, painting, storytelling.