I AM the Wife of Bath, TOO!

(Loathly?) Ladies, Explicitly Noncompliant!

The below two videos were made to preserve the performances created by students for my Chaucer class (ENG 34065).

The other one will be posted soon!

Brief Manifesto & Invitation


This is an open invitation to adapt portions of either the Wife of Bath’s Prologue or Tale into video in the spirit of feminist unity.  Similar to the #MeToo movement, as well as to the larger Women’s March, to declare “I am the Wife of Bath, TOO!” is to declare independence of thought and freedom of expression for all people (women, men, other). While the mission of Women’s March “is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change” the mission of “I am the Wife of Bath, TOO!” is to raise awareness of domestic and gender oppression. Domestic oppression—be it endorsed by a religious or political institution—is not to be tolerated. This is a grassroots call to scholars and students to recognize the medieval nature of pussy grabbing and other acts of abuse and violence for what they are and to defy them in the spirit of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Wife of Bath.


Submit a link to your video for review to Dr. Carol L. Robinson (clrobins@kent.edu).  As long as the adaptation (be it anywhere from the mimetic to the loosely interpreted) embraces the spirt of a portion of either the Wife of Bath’s Prologue or Tale, it will be embedded into this page (or to a connecting page).